Imagine a world where trans masculine people are empowered and supported to meet our unique healthcare needs. Imagine a world where our comfort is valued. Imagine a world where medical providers are our allies.

Would you like to participate in turning this vision into reality? Join The Fenway Institute in an innovative project to redefine healthcare practices for trans masculine people worldwide.

Individuals who are on the trans masculine continuum* and who have a cervix are recommended to undergo regular cervical cancer screening, known as Pap tests, in order to prevent cervical cancer. Yet for a variety of reasons, FTMs may be uncomfortable or find it difficult to access Pap testing.

To help address the concerns of our community, we designed a study that examines the use of a “self-swab” to test for HPV, which may be a less invasive way to screen than a traditional Pap test performed by a healthcare provider. We want our community members to take their health into their own hands.